Winners announced

Yorkshire Coast Homes – Health and wellbeing winner

Congratulations to Yorkshire Coast Homes for winning the Health and wellbeing award for its Scarborough Athletic Frame Football Club project.

The winning project

The introduction of Frame Football has provided an opportunity for young people who rely on the use of a walking frame to enjoy a game of football.

The impact upon the young players and their families has exceeded all expectations, both in terms of social inclusion and physical development. The children can enjoy the game while benefitting from the aerobic, cardiovascular and muscle/bone strength improving exercise that is so important with conditions like Cerebral Palsy.

Within days of its launch, Scarborough Athletic FC became partners and it then attracted £20,000 in sponsorship, ensuring security for the next five years.

The initial outcome was the easiest to measure - laughter of the children as they took part in their first ever game of football.

All of the parents have commented on the difference that the team has made to their children. Many doctors and physiotherapists have already noticed improvements. One family has been told that their child should no longer need an operation that was being considered for the near future.

What the judges said

David Buck, Senior Fellow for The King’s Fund commented: ‘This is a great and innovative example of a housing association working closely with the Football Club, the wider community, and helping to develop a strong mutual support network of parents to bring joy, physical activity and social opportunities for these inspiring children. Congratulations to all at Yorkshire Coast Homes.’