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  • Bill Busters - mhs homes


    Bill Busters supports residents to reduce fuel and water bills.

    Bill Busters supported 85 residents to reduce their fuel and water bills, decrease CO2 emissions by more than 50 tonnes, and save over £15,000 – on average saving £178 per property.

    The Bill Busters project underpinned three core fundamentals of sustainable living: economically, environmentally, and socially.

    Environmentally, Bill Busters provided individual and tailored support to households on saving energy and water, including:

    • a home energy audit
    • energy saving measures worth £40
    • installation of energy monitors
    • tariff and switching advice
    • installation of water saving devices.

    Socially, Bill Busters worked with residents to improve health and wellbeing through tackling issues of damp and mould by clearing air bricks, reducing condensation, and improving insulation and glazing.

    Economically, Bill Busters supported residents to better manage budgets and deal with debts, and helped 44 people apply for the Warm Home Discount.

    mhs homes

  • Fletchers Close - Moat


    The Fletchers Close project is a heating and hot water solution for a housing scheme of 55 sheltered residential dwellings.

    The project installed ground source heat pumps (GSHPs), which use pipes that have been buried in the soil to extract heat from the ground. GSHPs provide several benefits to residents, including:

    • lower fuel bills
    • lower home carbon emissions
    • no fuel deliveries
    • heating property and water
    • minimal maintenance.

    Before this project the Fletchers Close development was supplied with 25 year old gas boilers from a central system, operating at 84% efficiency. This meant that residents had no control of home temperature, and that for every £1 spent on gas 16p was lost through inefficiency.

    The installation of GSHPs led to residents’ energy bills dropping, and an estimated 37% reduction in CO2 emissions.

    As all residents at Fletchers Close are over 55 and retired, the reduction of energy costs, greater control over heating, and lower levels of maintenance has allowed for greater quality of life. 


  • Green Doctors Programme – Hastoe Housing Association


    Green Doctors provides practical help with keeping warm while saving money on energy bills.

    Hastoe partnered with the environmental charity Groundwork UK to establish the Green Doctors Programme.

    In an initial pilot, Green Doctors – independent and impartial energy efficiency experts – visited 33 residents that were over 65 and using electric storage heaters. The visits aimed to provide practical help with keeping warm to a vulnerable group of residents.

    The visits lasted two hours and provided advice on energy efficiency, ventilation, tariff switching, and how to install draught proofing measures. A range of personal warmth items were also provided, such as blankets and bed socks.

    Following the success of the pilot, Hastoe extended the programme in 2015 to 258 residents of a mixed age range. Overall, this programme achieved a satisfaction rating of 94%, estimated carbon savings of 21 tonnes, and £5,000/year savings from resident’s energy bills.

    A further 58 visits were carried out in early 2016 and there are more visits planned in the near future, including the rollout of a DIY draught exclusion initiative with younger families.

    Hastoe Housing