Winners announced

Moat – Greener living winner

Congratulations to Moat for winning the Greener living award with its Fletchers Close project.

The winning project

The Fletchers Close project is a heating and hot water solution for a housing scheme of 55 sheltered residential dwellings.

The project installed ground source heat pumps (GSHPs), which use pipes that have been buried in the soil to extract heat from the ground. GSHPs provide several benefits to residents, including:

  • lower fuel bills
  • lower home carbon emissions
  • no fuel deliveries
  • heating property and water
  • minimal maintenance.

Before this project the Fletchers Close development was supplied with 25 year old gas boilers from a central system, operating at 84% efficiency. This meant that residents had no control of home temperature, and that for every £1 spent on gas 16p was lost through inefficiency.

The installation of GSHPs led to residents’ energy bills dropping, and an estimated 37% reduction in CO2 emissions.

As all residents at Fletchers Close are over 55 and retired, the reduction of energy costs, greater control over heating, and lower levels of maintenance has allowed for greater quality of life. 

What the judges said

Sarah Reece-Mills, Director of Partnerships and Programmes at Groundwork UK said: ‘The Fletchers Close project is a great example of an innovative initiative that has helped numerous households to manage their bills and cut-back on their energy consumption.

‘Groundwork have seen first-hand the benefits that come from allowing people to take control of their energy usage. The project has enabled residents to not only reduce on their carbon footprint but also lower their energy bills, something which will make a huge difference to the elderly residents living at Fletcher’s Close both now and in the future. We hope to see this initiative roll out across the country, especially to communities that need it most.’